025: 3 Pillars of Scalable Growth with Greg Warnock

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3 Pillars of Scalable Growth

Surviving the early startup stages to reach growth is a significant milestone for any founder. It is also the beginning of new chapter of challenges and opportunities. There is a science to accelerating growth, and few who know it better than Greg Warnock, managing director and co-founder of Mercato Partners.

Greg is a technologist, innovator, and PhD-equipped entrepreneur who has a wealth of experience in every stage of entrepreneurship. On this episode, Greg walks us through his formula for success, the benchmarks he uses to qualify opportunities, the 3 pillars of growth that define the Mercato performance team, and some of the most common pitfalls that challenge and stifle growth. Drawing on a portfolio that includes companies like SkullCandy, Domo, Stance, and Observepoint, this episode is guaranteed to change the way you look at growth.


  • The qualities of top performing entrepreneurs and how to spot them
  • Differentiating between venture and growth: the origin story of Mercato
  • 4 benchmarks Mercato uses to to evaluate their investments
  • 3 “red flags” of unsustainable growth
  • The 3 biggest growth challenges and how to avoid them
  • Why pricing and process are the most costly sales mistakes entrepreneurs are making
  • How Skull Candy turned brand equity into “irrational brand loyalty”
  • An innovative approach to gain sales confidence and process

More About Greg Warnock

greg warnock, mercato, salesfounders, venture capital,

Greg Warnock, PhD is co-founder and managing director of Mercato Partners, where he is involved on the boards of Sphero, SteelHouse, and Stance. Greg is a technologist, innovator, and entrepreneur with a proven history of building and growing companies.

Prior to Mercato Partners, Greg was co-founder and managing director of vSpring Capital, an early stage venture capital fund. Before vSpring, Greg was principal in more than 20 M&A transactions and launched several businesses spanning technology, consumer, biotech, and marketing.

Greg was also the founder of Junto Partners, an entrepreneurship education initiative designed to train and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, and is a past chairman of the board for the Community Foundation of Utah. Greg has been named Utah Business Outstanding Director and Utah Business Mentor of the Year, and was honored with the Supporter of Entrepreneurship Award by Ernst & Young.

Greg received a B.S. in computer science and an M.B.A. and PhD in Entrepreneurship and Venture Finance from University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. Greg enjoys collecting and restoring muscle cars.

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