016: Finding Your Niche with Kholo Founder Nick Wood

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Narrowing your startup into a specific niche might seem counter-intuitive in the early stages of development. “What if I get it wrong?” “How can I possibly say no to willing customers?” This is a narrative familiar to most founders, especially during the pivotal stages of validation. The truth is that finding a niche is the only way to differentiate yourself in today’s noisy market. Playing it safe just doesn’t work anymore, and my guest, Nick Wood shares how hard work, sales mastery, and a passion for entrepreneurship have evolved into a niche platform known as Kholo.

Talking Points

  • The value of hard work – an aggressive approach to goal setting.
  • Making the transition from sales management to entrepreneurship
  • How to convert a customer pain into a viable startup
  • Validating your solution through customers and channel partners
  • Finding your niche – embracing feedback and being willing to pivot
  • Knowing your strengths and how to leverage them
  • How to create messaging that resonates with your customers
  • The Sales challenges of entrepreneurship

Meet Our Guest

nick kholo sales foundersNick Wood is the founder of Kholo an app development platform that allows entrepreneurs to launch their app idea quickly and economically. Prior to Kholo, Nick spent four years as a door-to-door sales manager for the Utah based, home automation company, Vivint.”

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Kholo Website | Twitter | Medium 

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