21: 5 Ways to Disrupt a $90 Billion Market with Matt Falcinelli

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This week, we are taking a deep dive into the apparel industry to talk about the disruption that is changing the way we interact with brands and apparel. My guest Matt Falcinelli, is the founder of TheDrop.com. Matt has leveraged more than 20 years of industry experience to prepare for what will be the “iTunes” of the apparel industry. On this episode we talk about the 5 ingredients of his go-to-market strategy. There is a reason TheDrop has oversubscribed their first round, and how they plan to revolutionize the apparel industry is definetly worth a listen.

5 Ways to Disrupt The Market

  1. Social Influencers are changing the way younger generations interact with apparel.
  2. Story Telling through the conversion funnel is a key element to theDrop.com platform.
  3. Leveraging Data has enabled Matt to identify and forecast trends and major market shifts.
  4. Drawing upon more than 20 years of past domain experience in e-commerce, apparel, and data.
  5. Focus on the customer and adapt to their changing needs.

About TheDROP.com

TheDrop.com is the first aggregator of the hottest brands and local boutiques from the 90B global Streetwear & Sneaker market. Re-creating the destination of our childhood in digital form, the world can once again congregate, learn, share, and purchase the brands, large and small, who continue to push the boundaries of what Streetwear fashion is all about.

Like iTunes aggregating and centralizing a music industry disrupted by mp3 technology and bringing greater choice and agility to the Customer while giving a platform to 100’s of indie artists, TheDrop.com is bringing the same model to the disrupted 90B global Streetwear & Sneaker market who hasn’t adapted to the less brand loyal ‘millennials’ let alone prepare for the even more tech savvy and less brand loyal ‘Gen Z’, while new consumers gravitate increasingly to the more vertical and digital-first brands that continue, as a whole, to seize market share from the big retailers and larger brands of the past.

Contact Matt: ceo@thedrop.com

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