031: The 5 Stages of Seed Acceleration with Boom Startup Founder Robb Kunz

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Seed Acceleration

Startup Accelerators have become a powerful source of guidance and support for aspiring entrepreneurs all over the world. One of the pioneers of startup acceleration is Robb Kunz, a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor. Following his seemingly endless struggle to find entrepreneurs with sufficiently validated business models, Robb co-founded  Boom Startup, a mentorship-based seed accelerator for entrepreneurs in the disciplines of technology, education, government, and space. With 7 years under his belt, Robb joins us on SalesFounders to talk about the future of seed acceleration, and the most valuable lessons he has learned from 18 exits and thousands of entrepreneurs.


  • The challenges for angel investors in todays startup world
  • 3 ways Boom Startup is changing the nature of seed acceleration
  • The 5 stages of validation with Boom Startup
  • What are the components of a great founding team?
  • 18 exits – these are the two traits of the highest performing startups
  • How to create profitable relationships with channel partners and resellers
  • How to build a winning sales culture from the start
  • The value of bringing outside sales guidance before making the big sales hires

Boom Startup

The purpose of BoomStartup is to help great startups find an optimal business model, create a minimal viable product that is revenue-ready, execute into revenue generation, and then make connections to customers and investors.

BoomStartup is a lean startup accelerator founded in 2010, and a founding member of Global Accelerator Network (GAN). We were recently ranked among the top accelerators in the country by the MIT Sloan Study published in Inc. and TechCrunch. More than 80 companies have graduated from our program, and have raised more than $25 million in seed capital.

About Our Guest

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Robb Kunz is a Founder & CEO of several technology Companies, an Active Angel Investor in more than 100 startups, the Founder & Managing Partner of ventureblue Capital and Co-founder of BoomStartup, Utah’s Mentorship-driven seed accelerator.

Connect with Robb on: | AngelList | Linkedin | Twitter |

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