018 – Building An Elite Team – Interview with Delta Force Veteran Travis Krauss

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” The unit (Delta Force) prides itself on being the best in the world NOT because they have the BEST operators, but because they have the RIGHT operators.”  -Travis Krauss 

Picture yourself on the wrong side of enemy lines. You are in the midst of a firefight and your survival is hinging solely upon the performance of your team. Now rewind back to the school-yard pick. What character traits would be most important when choosing each member of that team?

Enter Army Ranger and Delta Force Veteran Travis Krauss, my guest on this week’s episode of Influence. Travis has an unbelievable resume of combat experience, complimented by an equally impressive resume as a consultant, entrepreneur, and creator of the Las Vegas combat experience, Adventure Combat Ops. Travis joins me to talk about what it was like to be part of an elite team, and moreover, what 10+ years of combat has taught him about building companies and leading highly skilled teams.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Self Assessment – Azimuth checks and being brutally honest with yourself.
  • What makes a great soldier?  The importance of purpose and commitment to the mission.
  • Dealing with adversity Delta Force style.
  • What does it mean to evaluate the 2nd and 3rd order of effects?
  • “Hustlers” and the importance of integrity in the face of opposition.
  • Why building the RIGHT team is always better building the BEST team.
  • A combat story about drawing on your strengths to create value for your team.



A.C.O. is a full blown production event experience, located in Las Vegas, NV. You will receive “Special Ops Training,” and then we will immerse you into a “Call of Duty” type setting and operation. Our 70,000 square feet, indoor facility, adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, is the place where the Apocalypse comes to life! Is it a game or reality? Is it virtual or a life experience? You be the judge!

Adventure Combat Ops Team Leaders are elite, former Army Ranger/Navy SEAL/Green Beret/Delta Force Operators. You will be placed into teams, instructed by these combat heroes, and put to a test during a life experience, in the ultimate ACO virtual video game. Come experience an entirely new world that puts you participating at the front lines facing off against a supernatural threat! This two hour, live action event is a sensory immersive attraction that taps into each of your senses at a level like never before. This is a virtual “Rainbow Six Vegas” (type game) in the Apocalypse!


3956016Travis Krauss is a ten plus year combat veteran of the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command, serving in 1st Ranger Battalion and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (Delta Force). He has numerous combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas of crisis around the world and is depicted as “Hobbit” in the book, “Kill Bin Laden,” by Dalton Fury. Following his active duty service in special operations, he was selected as a civilian instructor and trainer for Special Forces and then Joint Special Operations Command.

In 2009, Travis founded and led the development of a private defense contracting firm, which designs and executes discrete programs and Full Mission Profile exercises all around the country, primarily for the DoD and DoS Special Operations sector. Additionally, they have been asked to expand their programs into the corporate arena to provide various closely held services, to include electronic information exploitation and red cell operations.

Most recently is the latest of his business development efforts with an entertainment based company: Adventure Combat Operations. This new company is the most realistic, apocalyptic, combat simulation in the world and is the “coolest new attraction” in Las Vegas! Additionally, it has already attracted the attention of numerous, international radio talk shows, news channels, magazine and newspaper write-ups, the LA Times, ABC’s “Shark Tank,” and the Discovery Channel, CNBC, Business Insider, and more.

He is a graduate from Central Texas College and has an educational focus in training and leadership. He has been married for 20 years and has two children, ages 17 and 14.


aco-pic-2Adventure Combat Operations Website




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  • Bob

    Had the honor to meet Travis and Will along with many of the others involved .Character,integrity and humility were standouts among these men and women.
    One could only wish,work and dedicate a lifetime to be like these folks.
    I wish only the best for everyone involved and success of this op.
    God bless all and thanks for teaching an old air biscuit so much in a few short conversations.Only hope our young get to shadow men of honor like these to bring back patriotism and commitment.

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