016 – Accountability, Entrepreneurship and Mastermind Groups with Anthony Witt

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“Accountability is the first step to breaking out of the status quo”  -Anthony Witt TWEET THAT!

Anthony Witt is the founder and creator of T​he Champion Entrepreneur, and his niche is working with entrepreneurs through accountability coaching and mastermind groups. Joining the ranks of Edison, Einstein, Picasso, and Ford, Anthony struggles with Dyslexia. Today, Anthony has leveraged his adversity into a powerful gift that gives him a distinct advantage as a coach, and entrepreneur. Listen close as Anthony takes us through his journey of finding his purpose and how accountability, podcasting, and mastermind groups have become his entrepreneurial bread and butter.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Finding purpose and creating the Champion Entrepreneur.
  • Facing and dealing with Dyslexia – the lengths we go to avoid dealing with our weaknesses.
  • Perspective – Realizing the great blessing from a challenge.
  • “Niching Down” Getting specific on what you do and why you are unique to your audience.
  • Accountability – Breaking out of the status quo.
  • What is an “Avatar” and why you can’t afford to not know yours.
  • The three traits of successful entrepreneurs.
  • The power of the Mastermind.



Anthony Lee Witt ​is the founder and creator of T​he Champion Entrepreneur. He primarily works with individuals looking to start the entrepreneurial journey through accountability coaching and mastermind groups. He believes that everyone can become a champion by focusing on strengths and developing a mission, vision, and purpose, their career and life.




The Champion Entrepreneur is all about providing valuable information and resources to help you become the champion that you know deep down inside that you are. Like most entrepreneurs and individuals in this life, I have had my fair share of struggles. I believe that no matter who you are, there have been one or two struggles which have held you back from becoming the champion you were made to be.

“We are here to challenge business standards by embracing your passion and giving you action steps to become a champion.” -Anthony Witt


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