015 – Building a Killer E-Commerce Strategy with Bart Mroz

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“We specialize in just one thing. Digital Commerce”  -Bart Mroz TWEET THAT!

My guest this week is Bart Mroz, CEO and Head of Brand Experience at SUMO Heavy, an e-commerce consultancy in New York City. Bart is an entrepreneur whose niche is building powerful brands and digital commerce strategies. Bart lives in the epicenter of commerce, and offers some valuable insight into effective branding, and what industry leaders are doing to leverage social media and eCommerce. Not only do we talk about Bart’s journey to create SUMO Heavy, but we also talk about strategies you can implement today to boost your brand and sales flow.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Where do you create value? Looking at your whole business holistically. Just because your strategy is familiar, it doesn’t mean that you’re doing it the right way.
  • Branding – Data driven marketing and Social Media as a disruptor to traditional media.
  • Bart’s predictions on which social media platforms to pay attention to.
  • Mantra’s – How to connect with your audience.  Start with value – what your customers need and get to the bottom of what they need and what their issues are.
  • The power of the Free Gift – A great way to build a funnel – “people don’t have time, they’ll just hire you to do it”.
  • What is your unique Value proposition? Creating a custom solution instead of a cookie cutter site and system.
  • Is Digital Commerce a disrupter to the traditional sales job?
  • Big entrepreneurial struggles you faced as you built SumoHeavy – first year making a lot of mistakes – almost going BK in the first year.
  • The biggest entrepreneurial struggles and what’s next for SUMO heavy.

“Do it earlier, don’t wait . . .just go do” -Bart Mroz  TWEET THAT!


Bart Mroz is the CEO and Head of Brand Experience at SUMO Heavy, an eCommerce consultancy that he founded along with CTO Robert Brodie in 2010. Bart is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of business management and technology experience.




“We build, connect, expand, and invest in growing online retailers”

SUMO Heavy is a Digital Commerce Strategy and Execution Firm located in New York City and Philadelphia.

We’re a diverse group of developers and designers with a sole focus on Digital Commerce. We help build successful brands and create online retail solutions with proven results. Our high standards make us the right agency choice and the only agency that will meet and exceed the goals of any project.


Provide our clients with the best possible solutions. Require that our clients do great work. Leave a Legacy.


Website: www.sumoheavy.com
Twitter: @bartmroz
Twitter: @SUMOHeavy
Email: Bart@sumoheavy.com

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