008 – Starting From Scratch – Online Strategy with Luis Congdon

One of the most essential ingredients to influence and entrepreneurship is the ability to build rapport with your customers. While it is one thing to know where to find your customers, it’s an entirely different thing to know how to build relationships that create value for them, and revenue for you.


My guest today is Luis Congdon. His unbelievable story begins in Columbia when, at the age of five, his mother was murdered leaving him both orphaned and homeless. At the age of eight, his life transformed as he was rescued by adoptive parents who brought him to the United States.

By nature of the many struggles Luis faced with relationships, he gravitated towards the work of relationship experts, Dr.’s John and Julie Gottman. In addition to teaching their system, Luis was also a key player in one of the nation’s largest research projects looking into the components of successful marriage relationships. However, in spite such powerful experience, Luis struggled to find his niche, and again found himself homeless. While sleeping on friends couches, Luis discovered the power of online marketing and embraced a forum that would enable him to share his expertise with the world.

Today, Luis is the host of Lasting Love Connection, a top rated iTunes podcast as well as thrivinglaunch.com. Luis is the creator of a powerful course for podcasters and owner of a popular Facebook podcast group. Luis went from sleeping on couches to making a six figure income via digital products, podcasting, Facebook and networking in only 10 months. Best of all, he is ready to teach you his secrets.

“My work comes out of a passion to help others avoid the pains I went through.” -Luis Congdon

Episode Highlights:

  • How to convert a passion into a profitable business.
  • How to find and build rapport with your target audience.
  • The most commonly misunderstood truth about what customers actually want.
  • How to make the transition from giving away free advice to becoming a highly-paid expert.
  • Developing greater confidence in your business or expertise.

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