023: The 5 Steps of a Viral Marketing Strategy with Jace Vernon

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There is more to a viral marketing strategy than a great product or a clever tag line. With so much noise in market, it has become increasingly difficult to connect your message with your target audience. My guest, Jace Vernon has the solution to this problem. Jace is the founder of both YDraw and MarketingHy.  YDraw is a white board video and animation company helps companies find a better way to tell the story behind their product or service. MarketingHy is a full-service digital marketing agency which helps companies deliver that story to their target audience.

On this episode, we explore the challenges that most startups face when it comes to telling their story and engaging their customers. We’ll talk about the 5 steps of a viral marketing strategy, effective content and email copy, a system for finding your customers, and a simpler way for startups to approach the daunting task of marketing. Your story is the bridge across the sales gap so buckle up as we take a dive into the the world of story-telling with Jace Vernon. Jace, welcome to SalesFounders.

Viral Marketing Strategy

On this Episode we discuss:

  • Why most startups don’t know how to tell their story
  • Why you have only 5 Seconds to grab their attention
  • 5 steps to create viral content
  • How to Creative Effective Copy and Email Content
  • A simple approach to find your customers
  • 6 steps to connect your story with your customer
  • How a startup should approach marketing
  • Analytics and the key metrics you need to know
  • How much do videos cost and how much should I budget for marketing?

About Our Guest

jace vernon, ydraw, salesfounders, viral marketing strategyJace Vernon is a Co-Founder of Ydraw. He takes care of the day to day tasks to keep Ydraw a video-making-machine. He managed to graduate with an MBA in Business (which doesn’t mean much), though his real education came from the school of hard knox. Multi millionaire by age 26, broke by age 29, back on track at 30. He is a true entrepreneur and considered “unemployable”. Some of his greatest accomplishments include dunking a basketball, getting a hole-in-one, reading 150 business books in a year, and winning the football city league. Such a rough life… but somebody has to live it! Triumphing, conquering, and failing in great business endeavors created amazing building blocks for Ydraw. Of course he has no idea how he ended up in the Video Business but that is what makes it so interesting. It’s all a mystery. Jace is here to serve you and would love to help in any way he can.  You Can Read More About Jace Vernon Here
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