028: Straight Path Entrepreneurship with Coach Steve Krebs

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Straight Path Entrepreneurship

Every entrepreneur needs an occasional moment of honest, personal reflection. How are things really going, and to what extent you are aligning with the needs of your business? The tendency for most founders is to add more process and clutter when they should be finding ways to simplify.

Meet Steve Krebs; the accountability coach. His mission is to rescue entrepreneurs from the process holes and bottlenecks, cut through the BS, and establish some accountability to systems that generate growth. This is an episode unlike any we’ve done. Join us for a blunt, no holds barred assault on mediocrity, fear, and the limiting beliefs that are robbing your business.


  • The biggest personal challenges that prevent entrepreneurs from finding success?
  • Protection, Projection, Posturing and Punishing – How to break out of the unworthiness cycle
  • Two questions to embrace vulnerability and identify exactly what is holding you back
  • Why vulnerability as an entrepreneur will actually help you succeed
  • How to develop your weaknesses into strengths
  • Living with Purpose and why your purpose can change throughout your life
  • The power of meditation – taking time each to day to reconnect with yourself
  • Keeping it simple – focusing on base hits, not home runs
  • The power of being consistent and persistent
  • Exploring the coaching business – how to find and convert clients
  • Framing the deal to allow your customers to qualify to work with you

People look too far down the road and compare. Comparison is the thief of joy

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About Our Guest

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I take entrepreneurs, executives and business owners from being stuck, bogged down, buried in busy-work and worried about where their next client is coming from… to having a scalable, predictably profitable and systematized business that provides you with the money and freedom you want to finally live life on your terms.

I’m a ‘no-frills’ no B.S. coach who has ZERO interest in shoving pre-recorded “courses” down your throat or having you buy the next shiny-object that only adds overwhelm and a 4th page to your daily to-do list.


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