027: Building Your Startup Dream Team with Nicole Wipp

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Building Your Startup Dream Team

Burnout can be a major problem for entrepreneurs. In spite of a seemingly limitless supply of automation tools, entrepreneurs still over-extend themselves to the point of exhaustion. Every entrepreneur needs help, and more importantly, the right help. Meet Nicole Wipp – entrepreneur and small business consultant whose speciality is helping entrepreneurs create powerful teams. Leadership requires a very different mindset than entrepreneurship and on this episode, Nicole shares 5 strategies that will help you develop and lead a world-class organization. There’s a good chance your next hire is the not the right hire.


  • Why the majority of entrepreneurs burn-out before they find success
  • The power of “letting go” to realize sustainable growth
  • Why entrepreneurship and leadership can create conflict with each other
  • Self awareness and the importance of knowing your strengths
  • Developing your own hiring plan that complements your weaknesses.
  • How to find the best people for your business and reduce turnover
  • The secret to employee engagement – a little trick that goes a long way
  • The challenges with virtual teams
  • 4 Resources to help build your team

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About Our Guest

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Nicole Wipp is the founder and CEO of Wipp Enterprises LLC, a consulting and training firm that provides a range of leadership, team creation, team building and retention services to large companies, and to the small business/entrepreneur market as NicoleWipp.com. She also leads a highly successful boutique elder law firm.

In these capacities, Nicole is a sought after expert on numerous topics related to building successful businesses through powerful teams, has spoken on numerous stages nationwide, is a frequent guest on top podcasts, and has authored a number one bestselling book.  Wipp Enterprises is a Kolbe Certified solutions provider and is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

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