Mastery 1: The 3 Disciplines of a SalesFounder

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Episode Summary 

Introducing the SalesFounders Mastery series. Each weekly episode takes a step outside of your business to focus on you, the Founder. Join us as we explore the habits, strategies, and mindsets of successful founders and how you can lead your startup to the next level.

Talking Points

The root cause of startup failure, or an individual’s failure to succeed can be traced to a disconnect, or an imbalance between disciplines of salesmanship, entrepreneurship, and the organizational focus toward an ultimate objective or purpose.

Consequently, at SalesFounders we focus on these 3 disciplines to ensure that our clients have a balanced and sustainable approach to leading their organizations to their ultimate potential.

Entrepreneurship – An understanding of the entrepreneurial approach to innovate and validate a solution to a market need and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage amidst adversity and competitive forces.

Salesmanship – An ability to establish rapport, discover the needs of your audience and communicate in a manner that adapts to the needs and demonstrates value in a way that naturally facilitates an exchange.

Purpose – The underlying passion, reason or motivation that drives behavior.

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