020: Driving Sales Growth Through Podcasting with Luis Congdon

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Luis Congdon went from sleeping on couches to making a six figure income through podcasting. This week on SalesFounders, we talk about why podcasting is such a powerful medium to establish authority and trust. We talk about how to leverage podcasting to find and qualify customers and how guest appearances can help you sell product and establish market presence. Luis is a podcast and social-selling guru and I am honored that he took time to let us in to his secrets to driving sales growth through podcasting.

Podcasting to Drive Sales Growth

The number one challenge in sales is getting people to know who you are

What are the benefits of podcasting?

  • Authority
  • Reach
  • Trust with Leaders and potential customers.
  • Low-hanging fruit in a much smaller pool of competition

4 Steps to Leverage podcasting to build your business?

  1. Identify the leaders and key players in your industry or niche.
  2. A podcast promotes trust to engage exclusive guests.
  3. Use the podcast interview to connect with the guests and build a friendship.
  4. Follow-up call after the show to say thanks or drop a sales pitch if applicable.

6 Strategies to Leverage Facebook:

  • If you want to make a sale, you need to build the demand.
  • Luis uses Facebook to promote events happening on the podcast.
  • Focus on sales conversions and audience rather than “likes” and “shares”.
  • Be consistent. Post 2x per day.
  • Create posts that encourage followers to engage or download content.
  • Leverage Facebook algorithms to increase exposure with target customers.


About Our Guest

Luis went from sleeping on couches to making a six figure income through podcasting. His journey to help those in need has taken him from non-profit director to helping entrepreneurs build a life of freedom. Luis runs the Thriving Launch Podcast, which features the most influential leaders in the areas of love, spirituality, business, and success. It’s his mission to help heart-centered entrepreneurs get their message heard with podcasting.

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