018: The 4 Pillars of Online Marketing with Voxxy

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Online marketing is one of the most cost effective strategies to attract leads and drive revenue. The challenge is that most entrepreneurs get it wrong as they attempt to develop it themselves. This week, Voxxy Marketing founders, Michael Clark and Justin Taylor join me to explore the 4 key components to your online presence: your website, content, SEO, and paid strategies. We walk through the steps to leverage each component into a cohesive strategy that will have a magnetic impact on your target audience.

Talking Points

  • What are the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face when building an online presence?
  • How do determine your most effective marketing channels
  • Websites – Why the majority of websites are built incorrectly
  • Content Strategy – How to build content magnets that attract qualified customers
  • Finding content gaps and how they can help you define your competitive advantages.
  • Video Posts vs Blog Posts – What is the best content medium?
  • SEO Strategy – Understanding the components of SEO, ranking, and how to integrate SEO into your overall strategy
  • Paid Strategies – Finding the watering holes (social, list building, adwords) that will generate the highest conversion rates
  • Validated Learning – A/B testing, validation, and how to leverage metrics to amplify the most effective lead strategies.

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About Voxxy

Voxxy is an online marketing and development agency located in beautiful southern Utah. We are driven by our core belief that in order to succeed online a business must do more than was required pre-internet, smart-phone days. To succeed, you have to not only have a great business, but you also must become a thought leader in your market and earn the trust of consumers before they become customers.

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