034: Traffic, Funnels, and the 6 Million Dollar Webinar with Taylor Welch

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million dollar webinar

Traffic & Funnels co-founder, Taylor Welch, joins us to talk about the challenges entrepreneurs face when it comes to lead growth and predictable funnel strategies. On this episode, Taylor walks us through the anatomy of traffic & funnel strategy as well as the secret behind their 6 million dollar webinar. We’ll talk about why validation is the key to establishing a powerful marketing message and the 4 steps they use to convert your core message into lead faucets of predictable revenue.


  • Why validation is the key to identify your ideal marketing message
  • How to establish control and predictable growth through paid traffic
  • Steps to make the validation process more efficient – simplification and finding your “one thing
  • Stop complicating the buying process and keep your messaging simple.
  • The 4 ingredients of a predictable marketing strategy:
    1. A really good piece of content . . . just one.
    2. Great strategy to drive people to that content and self-filter
    3. Funnel to transfer filtered leads to a qualifying call
    4. A sales process to convert qualified leads into paying customers.
  • How to shift from trading hours for dollars and generate leverage
  • Feeder Funnels and how to build a lead faucet with paid traffic
  • Marketing KPI’s
    • Leads – how many people are coming in at the top?
    • Consumption – how many are sticking around?
    • Application – how many are going to the next step?
  • Surround yourself with the right people – you normalize what is constantly in front of you.

“You have to know the levers that correlate to income and chose not to do the thousands of things that take away from the activities that matter.”

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About Our Guest

taylor welch, salesfounders, million dollar webinarTaylor Welch is a copy-writing genius, funnel master, and Co-Founder of Traffic and Funnels.  Traffic and Funnels helps Consultants, Service Providers and Experts create dependable online client acquisition systems so they can control their monthly revenue.



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