Mastery 5: The 4 Stages of a Startup

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Episode Summary 

This week, we take a closer look at the stages of startup growth. Entrepreneurs who discipline themselves to follow proven methods of validation and growth can drastically reduce the threats of premature scaling. In episode 1, Paul Ahlstrom suggested that “premature scaling is often a result of doing many of the right things, in the wrong order.” Join us as we explore the objectives and blindspots that face entrepreneurs in each stage, as well as the resources available to help you define your startup roadmap.   stages of a startup

Talking Points

Exploring the Stages of a Startup

  • Stage 1
    • Solution Discovery – Objective: Problem Solution Fit
    • Customer Discovery – Objective: Minimum Viable Product
  • Stage 2: Customer Validation – Objective: Product Market Fit
  • Stage 3: Efficiency Stage – Objective: Business Model Validation
  • Stage 4: Scale Stage – Objective: Profitable Growth


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