22: 10 Ways to Increase Sales Using LinkedIn with Yakov Savitskiy

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LinkedIn has become a powerful platform for entrepreneurship. Whether your objective is exposure or lead generation, LinkedIn should be a key ingredient of your sales growth strategy. My guest this week is nationally recognized linked in expert Yakov Savitskiy. Yakov is the founder of Linked Lead enteprises and joins me to explore 10 ways you can leverage linkedin to develop or accelerate sales growth. We talk about things like the 3 P’s of a great profile, 8 Publisher best practices, how to be more visible to your target audience, and how to use Linkedin in your sales funnel.

10 LinkedIn Selling Strategies

  1. The 3 Main Purposes of Linkedin
  2. Why most people only target 3% of their target audience on LinkedIn
  3. What are the most commonly overlooked values of LinkedIn?
  4. The 3 P’s of a Great LinkedIn Profile
  5. Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy
  6. Should you be advertising on LinkedIn?
  7. How to be more visible on linked in
  8. Understanding the LinkedIn Algorithm
  9. Posting and Content Strategy
  10. 8 Secrets to Publish Great Articles
  11. Using Linkedin to Solidify Sales Calls

About Our Guest

yakov savitskiy, sales founders, linkedin selling, podcastYakov Savitskiy is a Nationally Recognized LinkedIn Marketing Expert and Author of Disrupting LinkedIn: The Definitive Guide To Generating Leads, Receiving Referrals, And Attracting High-End Clients Through Marketing On LinkedIn. Having consulted clients across the nation including CEOs, Best-Selling Authors, and Leaders of Seven To Nine Figure Sales Organizations, Yakov has helped thousands of people discover a new way of using LinkedIn to find more leads, get more referrals, and attract more of their ideal clients.

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