Episode 002 – Confidence in the Face of Failure With Zach Sorensen

How many of us played schoolyard baseball, wondering what it would be like to face a pitch on the big-league stage?

My guest today, Zach Sorensen, shares his story about how he turned a childhood dream into the reality of becoming a major league short-stop. Zach shares his journey of influence as he beat the odds to claim his opportunity to play professional baseball. He talks about the mental adversity he faced as he mastered his craft, and how he has leveraged that experience to become a powerful coach, speaker, and mental conditioning expert.

Join us to discover how you can overcome adversity in your life, realize your potential, and dominate in your field or profession.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to overcome adversity and leverage it to reach your goals.
  • The power of belief – strategies you can use to achieve anything.
  • How to build confidence in the toughest conditions.


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Book: Daily Dominator

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