Episode 001 – The Influence of Entrepreneurship with Ever Gonzalez

What does it take to succeed as an Entrepreneur? How can Influence help you achieve that success? Are there consistent strategies among entrepreneurs that will facilitate their success?
My guest today, Ever Gonzalez, has mingled with thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the country through his successful podcast Outlier On-Air. Ever shares his own journey starting from an entrepreneur by profession to becoming an entrepreneur by passion. He also talks about a number of simple strategies that you can employ today to take your project or company to the next level.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why Influence is an essential ingredient of entrepreneurship.
  • How to be consistent to build a brand and following.
  • The consistent habits of successful entrepreneurs.
  • How to make a transition from your “job” to an entrepreneurial journey towards your “passion.”
  • How to overcome adversity and succeed in entrepreneurship.



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