024: Inbound vs Outbound and Account-Based Marketing with Trish Bertuzzi

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Efficient and scalable sales growth is the common goal of every startup. My guest, Trish Bertuzzi, is the best-selling author of the Sales Development Playbook and President of The Bridge Group. Trish joins us this week to discuss account-based marketing, outbound strategy, and how to survive the early stages of sales development.


  • Building your core team to test and validate the most profitable channels of sales growth
  • Why outsourcing early sales efforts is the quickest way to validate which channels to pursue
  • Account Based Marketing vs Account Based Revenue
  • How to development a comprehensive ABM strategy
  • Inbound vs Outbound and how to determine if an outbound strategy is right for your organization
  • Leveraging data to increase sales development productivity
  • How a research role can improve SDR efficiency
  • Expectations for an SDR to ramp up to full capacity?
  • Increasing productivity through specialization of sales roles
  • Resources for sales development strategy

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About Our Guest

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Trish Bertuzzi is the Best Selling Author of The Sales Development Playbook and founder of The Bridge Group, Inc. She and her team have worked with over 350+ B2B technology companies helping them to unleash the power of Inside Sales. They are on a mission to help companies build a repeatable pipeline and accelerate growth using both traditional and account based strategies.


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