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“Focus on your health, so you CAN enjoy you wealth.”  -Travis Dillard

My guest this week is Travis Dillard – wellness coach, entrepreneur, and super-ripped dude. Fitness and health were not always part of Travis’ life. In fact, for most of his youth, he took his health for granted. But a life-changing realization launched Travis into a quest to find his health, and a consequent passion to build a business helping other entrepreneurs do the same. Today, entrepreneurs looking for an edge depend on Travis to help them increase their focus and energy quickly so they can maximize their money making capacity, day-to-day performance, and transform not just their bodies, but also the way they live, feel, and see themselves when they look in the mirror.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The importance of balance and why your health is a critical part of that balance.
  • The impact your health has on your performance, creativity, and career success.
  • Understanding the effect of controlling your hormone profile: cortisol, testosterone, and adrenal fatigue.
  • Building a sustainable health plan based on doing what you enjoy and how not to burn out!
  • Why most people are doing it all wrong – a Harvard study that might inspire you to change your routine.
  • Building a Foundation – How to change the story that you are telling yourself everyday to build a positive mindset.
  • The importance of staying hydrated and understanding the importance of your diet.
  • Why traditional diets and “gym bursts” don’t work. Discover how to build a long-term health plan.

“Nobody wants a burnt out version of you.”



No, I haven’t lived out of my car, begged for money or eaten garbage scraps, In fact, I was very blessed with a supportive family and a great education. That being said…

It made it very easy to just let life pass me by. After all, everything was “okay”.


Well, this road to mediocrity eventually led me to a dark place. I was skinny, yet fat in all the wrong places. You know, the type with frail looking legs but a soft, pudgy upper body. The guy who was too embarrassed to take his shirt off at the pool. Yep, that was me.

Given the way I looked and felt about myself, I was lost, insecure and anxious about my future. Even worse, I was tired, out of shape, and lacked any real focus.

The Turning Point

A long story short, I made a drastic change to force myself in the right direction…I got in shape and started a business.

Mission: I want to see other entrepreneurs follow what worked for me.

Where I am now:

  1. 5 years success in coaching entrepreneurs and busy guys to better bodies, more energy, more focus without the pressure and noise in life.
  2. Competitive Bodybuilder
  3. Spoke at Events in NYC
  4. Thousands of pounds shed and hundreds of life changing coaching calls.
  5. Spent 10s of thousands of $’s in coaching and mentoring from many well-known weight loss, mindset and business experts.

Your business depends on your mental clarity, your energy and your ability to make clear and logical decisions on the fly. We all have a superpower to deliver to the world and your body is the only channel you have to deliver your offering.

Isn’t it time you start treating it as such? Quite frankly, If you are not treating your body and mind with the respect it deserves, you are being selfish. Imagine what your partner would say, what your kids would think, what your business would look like?

You have the ability to help more people, and to finally start enjoying your wealth. …To stop leaving money on the table. …To finally look good, feel good & perform at your highest levels. Begin to treat your body like a professional athlete, and bring out your best physical self.

Travis Dillard
Your Body, Your Business


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