011 – 7 Steps to Build an Enterprise Startup with PrinterLogic CEO Ryan Wedig

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Episode Summary 

What if there was a formula that an entrepreneur could follow to ensure startup success?

This week, PrinterLogic CEO, Ryan Wedig shares 7 steps he’s followed to transform a tech-founders epiphany into an world-class software company. From messaging and sales strategy, to cap tables and advisors, Ryan explains how PrinterLogic has grown to #141 on the Inc. 5000 list and become a disruptive force in the print management arena.

Talking Points

  • Building the Foundation of Scale. 
    • Defining the initial founder roles
    • Formalizing a replicable sales process
    • Scripting and codifying that process
    • Put the process flows together
    • Selecting the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • 2 metrics to focus on as you start replicating you sales process.
    • Replicable Processes – How much are we spending in personnel?
    • Marketing Accountability – How are we quantifying the money we are spending on Marketing?
  • Creating a Message/Mantra that Connects with the Customer?
    • Know your demographic and who you customer is.
  • Formalizing the business. 
    • Building a Mentor Pool and board of advisors.
  • Evolving Roles from the Founding Team –
    • How to shift some of the load balance from the founders to new hires.
  • Building the Team – How to Vet Talent
    • Start with a consulting engagement – You can see the energy, creativity, and compatibility before you need to hire them.
    • Understand your cap Table – sell them on the vision of the value they will create
    • Set up the opportunity with an opportunity to progress
  • Pricing & Revenue Growth
    • Cash flow and the balance between subscription vs Perpetual pricing.

Meet Our Guest

Ryan Wedig is President and CEO at PrinterLogic. He is responsible for building and growing the PrinterLogic team, creating customer success and growing long-term shareholder value. Previously, Ryan was COO at PrinterLogic, where he played a critical role in establishing the company as a global leader in Enterprise Print Management, relied upon by thousands of businesses worldwide to simplify the management, migration, and deployment of printers while drastically reducing infrastructure costs.

Prior to joining PrinterLogic, Ryan held a senior position at Cisco Systems where where he earned multiple technical certifications, and helped launch Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS). With over a decade in the IT industry, his experience includes strategic consulting, business development, and system engineering.

Ryan believes in building smart teams who are dedicated to solving customers’ real-world problems. He has a B.S. in Business Management from Brigham Young University and an MBA from The George Washington University.

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