015: Crowdfunding a Lean Startup with Daplie CEO Bryson Hill

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This might be the ultimate case study on the topic of crowdfunding and the lean startup. My guest is Bryson Hill, co-founder and CEO of Daplie, a startup that offers the internet’s first personal at-home cloud server that anyone can set up and use. Their mantra is to “Take back the internet” and Bryson joins us to share the exciting trajectory that is going to fundamentally change the internet.

Daplie is also the first company to launch simultaneous equity and reward crowdfunding campaigns. On this episode, we are going to dig into the founding story of Daplie in context of the lean startup method. We’ll talk about the pros and con’s of crowdfunding, and the secret sauce that has enabled Daplie to hit a grand slam in what seems like just the first inning!!

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Talking Points

  • Discovering the secret to selling & entrepreneurship.
  • Leveraging the lean startup methodology
    • Customer validation, pain points and the MVP
    • Identifying and validating the problem you solve
    • How to approach customer validation interviews
    • Pricing and your Minimum Acceptable Price (MAP)
    • How to solve problems and create a lean business model canvas
  • Crowdfunding for equity (wefunder.com) AND for reward (indiegogo.com) at the same time.
  • Weighing the pro’s and con’s of crowdfunding
  • How to harness fear, risk, and failure as the tools of success.

Meet Our Guest

bryson hill daplie sales foundersBryson Hill is the Co-Founder & CEO of Daplie. Bryson is a seasoned sales executive, product manager, and developer. He has sold millions in product revenue door to door, by telephone, television, e-commerce, and at big box retail.”

More about Cloud by Daplie

Cloud is a “Plug & Play” home server that helps you to centralize your digital life. Cloud downloads all of your digital content from your phone (even on the go), tablet, computer, external hard drive, and other cloud storage and then uploads your content to Cloud, securely. Giving you access to all of your content, on every device, from anywhere. No monthly Fees. No Lame Restrictions.

Show Links

Website: daplie.com

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