Podcast: Building on Your Gifts & Abilities

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Is this guy really lucky or is he on to something? Take a listen and get to know Brad and how he went from being broke to flying on a private plane and bringing in 4 million dollars worth of deals, all within 30 days. Seriously, how does that happen?! Brad says, “I was crazy, almost reckless…It probably was reckless, but worth it.”

Brad has created his own ideology centered around understanding yourself and creating value. Oftentimes we all get caught up in our business, but do we step back to genuinely understand ourselves? Brad Harker is writing the book on this topic, literally. Look out for his book to come out soon because I would wager to say that a guy with $400 million in career sales knows a thing or two about finding a successful niche, and that’s worth reading.


  • Sales
  • Mentors
  • Real Estate
  • Expectations
  • Mastermind Group
  • When to completely dive in
  • Dream/Vision Boards
  • Finding your niche

Core Attributes

  1. Motivation -Find your niche and what drives you
  2. Social Aptitude – People skills, empathy
  3. Initiative – Steps of action
  4. Emotional Fortitude – Dealing with feedback, learning from mistakes

Take Away 

“If we are truly passionate and we are aligned with our natural dispositions, our odds of success are immeasurably greater.” -Brad Harker

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