Mastery 10: 6 Keys to Close More Sales

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Every accomplished sales executive understands that “closing” starts before the sale begins. Persuasive closing tactics will be of little value if the core elements of empathy, communication, and rapport are nowhere to be found. In fact, your confidence, product knowledge, and persistence will have more of an impact on performance than the most eloquent closing scripts. Selling is a number game and the most efficient way to close more sales is to master the following 6 keys of the greatest closers.

6 Keys to Close More Sales

  1. Confidence:  Believe in yourself, your product, and your customer. Selling can be intimidating. Focus on the outcome and where you already have confidence.
  2. Assumptive:  You’re always closing –  success starts with the belief that you have already won.
  3. Preparation:  Know your value, rebuttals to customer objections, and integrate several closes into your sales flow.
  4. Initiative:  Be proactive, work hard, and ask for your customers’ business. Selling is a numbers game.
  5. Persistence:  You’ve got to fight for success. Don’t give up after the first or second rejection.
  6. Control: It’s your job to build rapport and lead the customer to the goal. Controlling the conversation is key to closing sales.
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