032: The 30-Day Sales Launch with Alex Hormozi

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Alex Hormozi has perfected the sales launch. What started as a passion for weightlifting and fitness, became a $55k investment in his own gym and a steep learning curve to profitability. In time, Alex figured out how to scale his efforts into 6 highly profitable gyms. Realizing the value of the “system” he had developed, Alex sold his gyms and turned his attention to the thousands of struggling gym owners across the country. Today, his “gym launch” system helps gym owners fill their gyms in less than a month and scale towards million dollar businesses. “Launching a gym is like baking a cake” says Alex, and on this weeks episode, he shares a number of his plays that can help any startup identify the ingredients of a powerful sales launch.

“The amount of money you make is in direct proportion to the number of offers you make.” -Frank Kern


  • The 5 Stages of the Gym Launch System:
    1. Lead Generation
    2. Lead Nurture
    3. Sales Event
    4. Fulfillment
    5. Resell and Ascension
  • Customer acquisition costs vs. cash flow
  • How to leverage a single marketing strategy into multiple campaigns
  • How to get your customers to front the cost of getting more customers
  • Two reasons LBO’s (low barrier offers) might be killing your startup
  • Creating “front-end” offers with higher retention rates
  • Increasing revenue through exception customers service
  • How to translate your systems into training programs for new sales employees
  • Establishing clear leadership and accountability

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About Our Guest

Alex Hormozi is the founder and Gym Launch and Gym Legacy. Alex works with gym owners to implement “plays” consisting of  sales techniques and systems that he learned trough the development and sale of 6 highly profitable gyms. Today he uses those proven techniques to help thousands of gym owners transform struggling gyms into million dollar businesses. 



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