041: High Velocity Sales Growth with Justin Edwards

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Justin Edwards is the VP of Sales Practice at Mercato partners. His focus is optimizing and accelerating sales performance within each of their portfolio companies. Leveraging his sales experience in startups and Fortune 100 organizations alike, Justin has demonstrated a unique ability to help founders identify sales inefficiencies and develop highly scalable sales teams and processes.


  • Modeling high velocity sales growth
  • Looking at people as the underlying engine for sales acceleration
  • Identifying the 5 traits of success in your sales environment, and building process and scale around those traits
  • Why Hubspot requires new sales reps to experience the customer journey before selling
  • Technology, money, and the dangers of a broken sales process
  • Mapping sales process to identify bottlenecks and deceleration.
  • Identify the “anatomy of a perfect customer”
  • Sales qualified leads and the ingredients of an efficient sales process
  • The misleading indicators of sales performance
  • Corporate strategy – Inside Sales vs. Enterprise Sales strategy.
  • Why HR, Marketing, and Sales are the three most common area’s of weakness in growth companies


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Justin Edwards brings over 20 years of experience to Mercato Partners. As the leader of Mercato’s sales practice, he creates highly customized sales strategies for portfolio companies which drive historically high rates of return.  Justin has achieved success across a broad group of company profiles from start-up to Fortune 100 companies, with consecutive years of quota attainment and numerous awards. He has extensive experience in all aspects of the sales process including channel and inside sales, sales operations and strategy, enterprise selling, and sales leadership.  Justin’s passion is developing strategies that is accelerate sales and enable rapid growth in diverse industries including media, b2b technology, and lifestyle branded products.

As vice president of sales at MaritzCX, a leader in real-time customer experience feedback via SaaS, Justin managed a global inside sales team in the UK, Germany, Australia, and North America, driving fourfold sales growth in 9 months which lead to $200M in annual revenue.

Justin played a pivotal role at Insidesales.com, which delivers artificial intelligence embedded tools to sales teams, managing three inside teams and managers across North America contributing to nearly $70M in ARR. He developed and implemented an ROI-based playbook which led to over 30 engagements at some of the world’s most optimized, high-velocity sales practices. He held key roles in sales and operations for Oracle, Adobe, and as vice president and partner in a private equity partnership.

Justin received a B.S. in information systems and an M.B.A. from Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business. He enjoys anything to do with two wheels and six strings.



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