021 – Motivation and The Power of Alignment

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If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

Have you ever struggled to stay motivated doing something you once loved? Do you find that factors that used to motivate you no longer have that effect?

Motivation is generally defined as the force that compels us to action. It drives us to work hard and pushes us to succeed. Motivation influences our behavior and our ability to accomplish goals. There are many different forms of motivation. Each one influences behavior in its own unique way, and no single type of motivation works for everyone. People’s personalities vary and so does the type of motivation that is most effective at inspiring someone at any given time.  True motivation comes from within and is the topic of this weeks episode of influence.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why the majority of people struggle with motivation.
  • What does it mean to be in alignment?
  • Four aspects of motivation and how to get ourselves in the “sweet spot” of performance and motivation.
    • Aligning with purpose – the foundation of motivation.
    • Knowing your Value – reaching new levels of performance.
    • Initiative – 3 ingredients to conquer the challenge of staying motivated.
    • Perspective – Confidence, Assumptiveness, and Adversity – Mindsets that can make or break motivation.
  • Influence – Salesmanship and the models that guide our interactions.
  • Influence Model:


The misery that oppresses you lies not in your profession but in yourself! What man in the world would not find his situation intolerable if he chooses a craft, an art, indeed any form of life, without experiencing an inner calling? Whoever is born with a talent, or to a talent, must surely find in that the most pleasing of occupations! Everything on this earth has its difficult sides! Only some inner drive—pleasure, love—can help us overcome obstacles, prepare a path, and lift us out of the narrow circle in which others tread out their anguished, miserable existences! -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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