010: User Growth vs Revenue with Chuz Founder Eirini Schlosser

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Episode Summary 

Eirini Schlosser is the CEO and Founder of Chuz, a mobile app that is being described as the “Spotify of where to go and what to order.” More specifically Chuz is disrupting lifestyle decision making with the mapping of human emotions.

On this episode we are going to break down the business model to learn more about how Chuz is disrupting mass-review sites like Yelp and Foursquare with a data-driven solution that adapts to the mood and behavior of its users.

Talking Points

  • Why Eirini walked from a very successful M&A execution role at Morgan Stanley.
  • Launch strategies, channel partners, and a unique approach to data.
  • Automating your go to market strategy with data.
  • Validation strategy, key pivots and the revenue model.
  • User growth vs revenue and the 5-year plan.
  • Why Chuz is focused on mapping human emotions

Meet Our Guest

 eirini salesfounders chuzEirini Schlosser is the CEO and Founder of Chuz, a mobile app that curates quality spot content and replaces mass reviews with a data-driven, adaptive software that recommends spots for food, drink, and lifestyle based on menu-specific feedback, tastes, and habits.

Eirini Schlosser completed her masters at London Business School and started her career in investment banking in Morgan Stanley’s M&A Execution Team in London.

At Morgan Stanley she had exposure working on multi-billion dollar technology, consumer, and retail deals. Though an incredible learning opportunity on how businesses scale, how to problem solve analytically, and how to execute and work very hard, she craved creative outside-the-box impact.

Show Links

Website: www.chuz.co
Email: info@chuz.co

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