009 – Reinvent Yourself with Best-Selling Author Michael Unks

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”  -Jim Rohn

This episode of Influence reveals a power example of how a mentor can transform your life. Michael Unks is wise beyond his years, and has some incredible insights into the foundational aspects of finding happiness and achieving success. I think we have all faced a time our life when we’ve questioned ourselves. Michael is one who did something about it.

In this episode we are going to talk about:

  • Finding Acceptance with yourself
  • How to create change in your life that lasts
  • How to challenge the limiting beliefs that limit your progress
  • Leveraging the importance of gratitude in your life
  • And stay tuned for a strategy from Tony Robbins


Michael Unks is a pharmacist, public speaker, entrepreneur, habitual bow-tie wearer and a best-selling author on Amazonedits-18-683x1024

Michael graduated from the South Carolina College of Pharmacy in May 2015 at the age of 24. He dramatically changed his outlook in his last year of pharmacy school with help from his teacher, Will.

A majority of his life he has struggled with his weight, social anxiety and the feeling of never being good enough. However, he’s made radical changes and wants to share what he learns with others so they can improve their lives, too. His writing style has been described as “Raw” because of his willingness to be vulnerable to help readers learn from his mistakes.

Michael hoped his first book, One-Month Willpower: A Simple System For Life-Changing Transformation showed others how they can live incredible, fulfilling lives and reach their potential. He also wanted to give back to his country; All proceeds went towards the Wounded Warrior Project.

His second book: “One-Week Willpower: A Simple Foundation to Become More Successful, Likable and Achieve Your Dreams” came out November 2015 and provides readers a one-week guide to improve their lives using the SIMPLE acronym.

 He is extremely excited about his third book: “Awesome in Hours: 7 Easily Obtainable Qualities, 35 Practical Take-Aways to Becoming an Awesome Individual.” A book that teaches the AWESOME acronym in less than 2 hours.












1. AWESOME IN HOURS: 7 Easily Obtainable Qualities, 35 Practical Take-aways to Becoming an Awesome Individual: 

A majority are living just okay lives. We only live once, but if it’s an awesome one, once is enough. There is awesomeness inside everyone, but rarely do people bring it out and share it with the world. Why? Maybe they don’t believe they can be awesome, or they simply don’t know how to bring it out.

2. ONE-MONTH WILLPOWER – A Simple System for Life-Changing Transformation:

In my last year of pharmacy school I discovered a simple system for life-changing transformation through the methods, strategies, and actionable advice given throughout this book. After a decade of misery, I transformed into the person I always dreamed I could be from July 31st to August 31st, 2014. That’s only ONE MONTH! I could have changed a long time ago, but didn’t know how. Now that I discovered exactly what needs to be done, I have to share it so you don’t waste anymore time. If I can do all these things in a month, then I know that you can too.

3. ONE-WEEK WILLPOWER – A Simple Foundation to Become More Successful, Likable, and Achieve Your Dreams:

I made dramatic changes in my life after I developed the SIMPLE foundation I share in this book. I now feel incredible, and it only took a week to get this foundation. That’s right. Only ONE week! It was the day after getting the SIMPLE foundation where I started looking forward to tomorrow where I knew that each day was going to be even better than the next. I had completely given up on myself in the past, but after one week, I will never do that again. I do believe we all have limitless potential and that’s why I wrote this book; to help you realize your capabilities and get started in a week. To get the most out of life, we need to build on our foundations and start building upon it right away.



Email: unksmichael@gmail.com
Amazon Page: Link 

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