009: Scalability and the Low-Risk Startup with Dr. Eric Pedersen

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Episode Summary 

There are two types of risk – blind and calculated. In spite of the obvious stigmas of entrepreneurship, we actually find that most successful entrepreneurs seek to avoid risk. Moreover, companies that have emerged from their humble garages did so not by sheer force and luck, but through disciplined learning and calculated risk.

Dr. Eric Pedersen has been an active entrepreneur for 25 years and is an authority when it comes to risk management and entrepreneurship. We discuss strategies to mitigate startup uncertainty, and the calculated risks necessary to become a truly scalable organization. If there is even a shred of uncertainty as you think about the future of your company, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss.

“Plan the work and work the plan, but be flexible, adaptable and responsive to unexpected events”  – Dr. Eric Pedersen

Talking Points

  • 3 consistent traits of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Zero Risk? How to quantify and mitigate the inevitable risks of entrepreneurship.
  • The problem with short-term technology and long-term debt.
  • 5 Risks that pose the greatest threat to your company.
  • Strategies to attract and retain key technical positions.
  • BusyBusy.com and the risks necessary to become scalable.

Meet Our Guest

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Dr. Eric Pedersen, Dean of Science and Technology and Professor of Web Development at Dixie State University as well as being an active tech entrepreneur. He currently serves on the Board of InfoWest, BusyBusy, CodeChangers/GirlsGoDigital, and PurePickleball among others. He has been involved with the technology sector in Southern Utah for the past 25 years. He started the Center of Excellence for Computer Graphics at DSU and was a member of the research and development team that created the first web site in Utah. Dr. Pedersen received his PhD in MIS from Utah State University.


 Show Links

Code Changers: https://codechangers.com/
Book: Creative Confidence
Email: pedersen@infowest.com


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