Episode 006 – How to Become a Best-Selling Author with Patrick Snow

Think it, ink it, believe it,and  achieve it  -Patrick Snow

One of the most powerful tools to capture and build market share is a published book. Successful speakers, authors, entrepreneurs and professionals are tapping into this $28 billion industry to build their brands, bolster their reputations, and create value for their audiences.

Enter Patrick Snow. Patrick became an international speaker and best-selling author the hard way. His first book, Create your Own Destiny, took five years and $20,000 to create. Having sold nearly 1 million copies of his book to date, Patrick has built a comprehensive program to help you develop, write, edit, and publish your book, and leverage that book into a powerful career as an author, speaker, and/or consultant. Having coached more than 1000 publishing clients and entertained more than 3000 audiences, trust me when I say that Patrick is a power-house in the publishing and speaking arena.



International Best-Selling Author | Professional Keynote Speaker | Publishing, Speaking & Book Marketing Coach 

PATRICK SNOW is an international best-selling author, professional keynote speaker, publishing, speaking and book marketing coach. As a speaker, Patrick has electrified more than 3000 audiences on three continents and as a publishing coach, he has mentored more than 1000 clients throughout the world to successfully publish their fiction, non-fiction, memoir, legacy, and children’s books.

Patrick has been recognized on TV, in magazines, and in major newspapers such as The New York Times. His book and family photo was also featured as a cover story in the December 5th, 2002, issue of USA TODAY.

Patrick is author of the international bestseller, Creating Your Own Destiny, which has sold almost one million copies in five language and 108 countries worldwide since its first printing in 2001. As a result, this book and his second book, The Affluent Entrepreneur, have both been purchased by John Wiley & Sons in NY and have been republished under the Wiley imprint. He is also a contributing author to numerous other books including Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction. Patrick’s newest book, Boy Entrepreneur was published in September.

Originally from Michigan, Patrick graduated from the University of Montana in 1991. He lived in the Seattle area for more than 20 years until April 2013, when he and his fiancé, Nicole, have moved to Maui, Hawaii (where he continues to build his speaking, coaching and consulting business).

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1. Lifetime Promotion of Book: A successful book is 5% writing and 95% promotion. Writing a book is kind of like raising a child; you experience nine months of gestation and 18-22 years of your life raising your child. The same is true with raising a book. If every day, you commit 30-60 minutes to promoting your book for the rest of your life, you will achieve mega best-selling results. I have been promoting my first book now for over 12 years every single day. As your coach, I will be with you for a lifetime helping you to do the same.

2. World Class Cover Design: The best way to leave a good first impression is with a fantastic cover design. Just like you wouldn’t leave creating your resume to a kid, don’t let anyone do your cover design unless he or she is a professional with a degree in graphic design and experienced in cover designs. Your book has eight seconds to capture the attention of buyers, and if the cover appeals to them, they will open your book; if not, they won’t even bother taking it off the shelf. As your coach, I will strongly encourage you to use one of my many recommended cover designers approved in my publishing road map.

3. Compelling Title: Often, your book will appear in print without your cover being displayed. Therefore, your title must be so compelling that it captures the reader’s attention on its own and accurately communicates your book’s content. I spent $3,000 learning three award-winning title formulas designed to help you create a best-seller. As your coach, I will share with you these three title formulas so you can apply them to your book.

4. Introduction of Book: Studies show that an average book is read through only the first 22-28 pages. Are you as guilty as I am of picking up a book and struggling through the first 20 pages, only never to pick up the book again? There are five components of creating an amazing introduction to insure that your book gets read. As your coach, I will teach you these five requirements which will assure you of having a world class Introduction.

5. The Actual Content: If you are going to spend 500 hours writing your book, don’t you think it makes sense to invest in the right resources to insure that your book has the best chance of being successful? Let’s face it; the world is full of amazingly, well-written books that have great content but suffer from having lousy titles and poorly designed covers. As your coach, I will not let you bring your book to market unless it is world class in every way and puts your best image forward to the marketplace.


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