Episode 000 – Introduction to Influence with Brad Harker

Welcome to Influence with Brad Harker. This show is built around leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who will empower you to embrace your purpose, amplify your potential, and leverage your unique ability to Influence. In addition to our guests, we will explore questions and topics of influence as requested by listeners. The show has 3 main objectives:

  1. Teaching principles of Influence that will promote success.
  2. Inspiring listeners to realize their potential through the trials and victories of our guests.
  3. Empowering Influence through mentorship and resources.

The theme of our interviews will center around the product, service or niche of the guests in context of the following four attributes of Influence:

  1. Purpose – What is your why or the passion behind your profession or objective.
  2. Social Aptitude – WHO has been instrumental in your success and/or how do you Influence those WHO contribute to your success?
  3. Initiative – What do you DO that makes you Influential (action, initiative, strategy, etc)
  4. Persistence – What are the obstacles you have faced and what have you learned along the way?

Thank you for listening to our show. Take a minute to join the discussion on our Influencers Facebook group and if there is someone you know that should be featured on our show, please reach out to me for details and a free signed copy of the Laws of Influence. Don’t forget to subscribe to our show and please come back next week for more Influence with Brad Harker.


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